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Videos For Business

digital branding positioning you above average


What Are Facebook Micro Videos?

Smart, branded videos delivered monthly, that keep your business on their radar while growing your reputation. We call them 'micro' because they last around 20 seconds.

We design and produce your micro videos and can even post them to Facebook for you - making everything hands free so you can focus on the rest of your business. 

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Stylish digital branding that positions your business above average.

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Can We Produce Micro Videos For You?

Here are the businesses we work with.

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What marketing goals do you have for your business this year?
Here's just some of the ways micro videos can help you achieve them.

How It Works

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We produce micro videos for Dentists, Hotels & Restaurants, Physio & Fitness Gyms, Estate Agents, Hair Salons & Beauty Clinics.  If that's you, you can get started now. It's simple, here's how it works. 

Once you've completed your purchase, you'll see a page where we ask you a few quick questions about your business and marketing. You have the opportunity to give us a quick brief to allow us to get started producing your first video. 

We'll be working with you each month so you can provide us with direction on what you'd like to promote each month, or you can leave it in our hands.

You'll likely want to continue to post your own social content, but you'll have the comfort in knowing that premium video content is being added to your fan page monthly if you simply don't have the time (or inclination).

We’ll make sure you have eye-catching videos that continue to promote your business and impress your prospects and customers, and you can stay focused on running your business and what matters to you.

Ready To Get Started?

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Here's What's Included

  • 1 Micro Video delivered monthly - fully branded and promoting your business.
  • First month (first video) trial for only £1 with £47 payable monthly thereafter. No contract. You can cancel your payment subscription at any time.
  • Video content based on your marketing goals.
  • Your own images and video clips can be incorporated if you wish.
  • Video emailed to you. If you wish, we can also post it to Facebook on your behalf if you're happy to provide the necessary admin access to your Facebook fan page.

Video delivered for you on a monthly basis for as long as your recurring payment continues. No contract. You can cancel your payment at any time. Micro videos do vary in length depending on design and content, but typically last around 20 seconds - give or take a little.

Please note: We have the right to cancel your order and refund you if your business type is outside the scope of our work or we are working at capacity and are unable to accept any new customers at that time. 

Do You Have A Question?

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