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Shine A Light On Your Business 

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Happy customers pass on your name and people are searching for a business like yours everyday. So what do they find when they look you up on Google or Facebook?

Are you giving your business the best possible opportunity of attracting that new business?   

Let your videos do the talking. 

We Make Video Simple & Affordable

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We produce videos in different styles and at different price points to make it simple and affordable for you to get started.

Business Films

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If you've been put off getting involved with video because you think it's complicated and expensive, or maybe you just don't like the idea of going on camera. Hay, you don't need to worry about any of that. We take the hassle out of video production so you can stay focused on running your business.

We'll do all the work when it comes to scripting your video. And we just need some time to come along to capture some great shots of your business. Then just leave the rest to us.

Want more info?  

If you're thinking about video and want to know a bit more or get a price estimate, drop us a message. No pressure. We're pretty laid back here at Lemonjet Studios. 🙂

We'd love you to say hello.


Short Business Promos

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Stylish videos created with your photos and/or video clips (and a few stock photos/video clips too if you wish).  Make your business look smart and professional for a fraction of the cost of a full video production. A great way to get all the benefits of video if you're working to a tight budget.

Social 'Micro' Videos

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"Facebook boasts 8 billion video views a day. Snapchat now delivers a whopping 10 billion video views a day! And YouTube has 1 billion users. If video isn’t already part of your social media strategy, it’s time to add it to the mix!"
Mari SmithPremier Facebook Marketing ExpertSocial Media Thought Leader

Let us help you add a little sparkle to your social marketing. Are planning a product launch? An upcoming event? Want to share your brand's values with some helpful info or inspiring quotes? 

Just some of ways you can mix-it-up with video.

Podcast Production

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Do you need a little help with your podcast audio file production? 

New Podcast Series

To help Cheryne with her new meditation podcast series, we created a podcast intro and outro. Then using Cheryne's basic audio recordings, created a series of 10 podcasts ready for iTunes. The podcast files were produced to podcast standard (audio levels balanced, vocal enhanced and output set to -16LUFS).



Podcast Artwork

A new logo was created for the podcast series titled 'Peace in my Pocket' taking design inspiration from Cheryne's existing Be You Be True branding. Podcast artwork was them produced, ready for upload to iTunes.

Launch Video

As a way of introducing the new podcast series to her existing clients and social media fans, a video was also created for the first episode.


" I have to give Lynn Combe from Lemonjet Studios a Huge shout out! I cannot believe how fast and fantastic your work is and the most amazing thing is that we have not even spoken and you have captured the essence of my brand.

Lynn, you are an absolute Godsend and this is definitely your calling. You did an amazing job with my video and I love what you are doing with my new project, I cannot wait to have it completed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The biggest stress standing in my way was the tech stuff and you have solved my problem and have made it even better then I could ever have wanted. Wish you were in OZ so that I can give you a great big hug, but until we meet here is a great big virtual hug for such a great lady xxxxxxxxxx "

Want more info?  

If you're thinking about video and want to know a bit more or get a price estimate, drop us a message. No pressure. We're pretty laid back here at Lemonjet Studios. 🙂

We'd love you to say hello.


Why Video?

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What better way to make a great first impression for those new potential customers who are looking for a business like yours today and everyday?

That's not the only reason video is great for your business... 

  • 'Showing' them promotes your business without being too salesy.
  • You look super professional. How impressed will your prospects, clients, Facebook fans, family and friends be?
  • New potential customers can see for themselves the quality of your work.
  • Did you know most people prefer to watch a quick video than read through pages of text?
  • It's a great way to build your credibility & grow your reputation.
  • You can make an impact and really stand out from your competition.
  • Clients who recommend you will be happy to share your video. (Showcasing you at your best.)
  • Reach a whole new pool of potential clients when your video appears on YouTube.
  • Really stand out in Google with a video listing, and you don't even need a website!

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